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VB Klimaattechnieken
VB Klimaattechnieken

VB Klimaattechniek strengthens Pollet Pool Group

Pollet Pool Group is taking over the Dutch heat pump specialist VB Klimaattechniek. In the past decades, VB Klimaattechniek built up a strong reputation with its ‘Pool Power Package’ line. With the takeover of VB Klimaattechniek, Pollet Pool Group adds unique know-how within the important segment of swimming pool heat pumps.

Huub Boone from VB Klimaattechniek: We developed a unique line that stands out both technically and in terms of efficiency. By linking VB to a strategically important partner, we can now move even faster. Jeroen Van Wauwe, CEO Pollet Pool Group: “Pollet Pool Group wants to excel in service for the swimming pool builder. If we also wanted to make extra steps in the important segment of ‘heat pumps’, there was only one conceivable partner who could teach us that: VB Klimaattechniek. We are therefore very pleased that VB Klimaattechniek is now part of our family.”

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