Being close to our pool builder, offering the best products as an independent supplier and being fully committed to service? These are the outlines within which Pollet Pool Group works. With a solid base of 9 distribution companies, we support the local markets with a range of high-quality products, technical support, training courses, an online ordering platform, etc.

Our historical experience with distribution has been strengthened with the knowledge of 2 of our own manufacturers. The local identity of our PPG companies, our promise to consider the pool builder as our most important partner in every country & the strength of our manufacturers? This is how we make the difference. Pollet Pool Group: Supporting Pool Builders.

Pollet Pool GroupDistribution

9 distribution companies located in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Portugal, Spain, Angola and Denmark. Most complete range of pool components.


Pollet Pool GroupManufacturing

2 manufacturers: Aquadeck (NL) and NIVEKO (CZ)

Pollet Pool Group Act Think
Pollet Pool Group Act Think
Pollet Pool Group Aquadeck
Pollet Pool Group Aquadeck

Pollet Pool GroupContact us

Contact one of our distribution companies or manufacturers by selecting one of our companies. Our specialists are happy to help you out.