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In the last 25 years Pollet Group quickly expanded in the important sector of water. This branch, called Pollet Water Group now has more than 30 specialised water treatment companies. Following the expansion in water treatment,

Part of Pollet Group

Pollet Pool Group is a part of Pollet Group. Pollet Group is mainly active in 3 fields of industry for more than 4 decades: water treatment, pool business and healthcare. Within does three domains, the group owns companies across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We work closely with customers and partners all over the world. We owe our program of continuous expansion thanks to our profound cooperation with our customers, our search for sustainable solutions & continuous improvement and the recruitment of talented employees. Thanks to this potential, Pollet Group is without a doubt the answer to the majority of your needs.

Pollet Group in a nutshell

  • Activities: Water – Pool – Medical
  • More than 1100 employees
  • Over 40 companies
  • Subsidiaries in 14 countries
  • Founded in 1969

Pollet GroupBusiness Units


A network of specialized water treatment companies.

  • + 900 employees
  • + 30 companies
  • B-to-B, B-to-C
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Products for the commercial and residential swimming pool market.

  • + 120 employees
  • + 10 companies
  • B-to-B
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A network of specialized medical treatment companies.

  • + 150 employees
  • + 4 companies
  • B-to-C
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Pollet Pool GroupHistory

Retail with Unic Supermarket (BE)
16 DIY-stores (Gamma)
Acquisition of Euraqua and start of Pollet Water Group
Start of Pollet Pool Group
Takeover Sterima and start of Pollet Medical Group

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