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A pool reflects luxury, family time, exercise and relaxation. Every pool component has to contribute to this expectation. At Aquadeck® we see the cover as the most defining part of your pool. The cover opens and closes your perfect day. And it is more than just a cover. It puts the finishing touch on your pool and gives your garden extra allure. As a pool owner, your Aquadeck® cover is a treasure you can be proud of day after day. When you choose Aquadeck®, you choose a state-of-the-art product.

An Aquadeck® cover works flawlessly, provides safety, saves you money and looks great. Aquadeck®? Close … to be perfect! 

Aquadeck Topview
Aquadeck Topview

Pool Cover Craftsmanship Leading the way for 20 years.

At Aquadeck® we are passionate about swimming pools and we love pool covers. This mindset led us to start producing pool covers over 20 years ago and become a leading manufacturer of automatic cover systems. Aquadeck® is based in Budel, The Netherlands. We produce top-quality slatted pool covers with care and craftsmanship. Driven by intensive knowledge and years of experience, our engineers look for the best and most attractive materials, develop the smartest designs, and use the safest components. Innovation never stops – products can always be even better, smarter or more attractive. We are only satisfied when you are satisfied.

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Aquadeck Header
Aquadeck Header

The Pool Builder Our Aquadeck® Partner

We are very close to our pool builders, because they work with our products every day and look for covers that perfectly meet the wishes of their customers. Aquadeck® makes things easy for them with convenient installation, customer-oriented service and support. Here as well, Aquadeck® strives for perfection. Our smart Aquadeck® configurator minimises the chance of mistakes. Our catalogue clearly describes the choices, installation options and accessories.

Aquadeck® is always ready to do a bit more. We offer our partners extensive training, very short delivery times, and an expert team that is always ready with advice and support. Service and flexibility are our top priority. These values are what we stand for, because they are essential for continuing to provide the best support to our pool builders.

  • Comprehensive training programs
  • Tailor-made covers in 14 working days
  • Expert customer support and service
  • Extended warranties
  • A smart Aquadeck® configurator


Our pride and joy doesn’t hide algae growth, but simply avoids it. Thanks to innovative groove technology the water is refreshed and circulated inside the slat, so that the water treatment system breaks down and removes algae. As the cover is opened and closed, water flows through the slat’s connection compartment with a rotating motion trough the grooves. The water picks up the dirt and removes it. A smart solution based on self-cleaning ability.

100% watertight

An Aquadeck® cover is an elegant complement to your swimming pool. Our production department uses an innovative automated sealing method. This minimises the humidity in the slat chambers, reducing condensation when the cover is in use. In addition, our slats are ultrasonically welded and coated with silicone to make them 100% watertight.

Additional warranty on equipment and slats

When you choose Aquadeck®, you choose top quality. We’re so confident of our quality that we offer longer warranty terms. We give you a 4-year warranty on equipment, a 2-year warranty on PVC slats, and a 5-year warranty on polycarbonate slats.

Pollet Pool Group Aquadeck
Pollet Pool Group Aquadeck

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